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About the Artist

TJ & Lori Thompson

TJ and his wife Lori were both born and raised in rural Illinois and married in 1984. Shortly after they married they moved to Kalispell, Montana and discovered their love for the western lifestyle and cowboy culture. Currently they reside in Cortez, Colorado.


TJ Thompson has been studying art and artists since childhood. His natural talent in art was recognized early, when he won a statewide drawing competition at the age of 14. Lori's influences in art comes from the 36 years she has been married to TJ. Their inspiration comes from their life experiences. From years of being involved in outdoor education for youth, corporate groups and non-profit organizations, to being a wilderness guides and just plain enjoying the great outdoors with family.


TJ and Lori make a great team. While TJ is the painter they both are sculptors of creative pieces. They both design and build their unique frames called “Fractured Frames”.


Between exhibiting their artwork across Colorado and other western states in the summer, They enjoy some creative down time at their cabin in New Mexico. In the winter they are “Working Snow Birds” exhibiting their art in Arizona. Coming up with new and unique ideas to stimulate the art world is a never ending pleasure for these artists.