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TJ Thompson Dimensional Art
Contact us for availability of pieces or with any questions. Please refer to the contact page.

Sculpting Process

ALL of our sculptures,  from the dimensionals to the miniature sculptures, are "One of a Kind". They are individually sculpted out of a special clay with a copper medium and are incorporated with either an original painting or on a unique mix media.

Branching Out framed_edited.jpg
Sudden Impact (800x507).jpg
Rocky Road (457x800).jpg
The Alliance (1) - Copy (800x453).jpg
Bull Headed - Copy (800x305).jpg
Hallet Peak sm.jpg
Fox Trot (599x800).jpg
Salsa 18x24 (607x800) - Copy.jpg
Balerina Blues - small (800x595).jpg
Viennese Waltz small (573x800).jpg
Rock of Ages_edited.jpg
All Dressed Up small (508x684).jpg
Rock and a Hard Place_edited.jpg
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